September 13-22 2013


"CircFabrique" is an open creative laboratory aimed at producing a new kind of conceptual performance.

During one month professional circus artists and directors will explore the space of the art factory, looking for common ground with various kinds of arts, such as theater, music, dance, vocals, and other modern art movements.

This exploration will result in a creative perfomance that will be presented at Contemporary Arts Festival “GOGOLFEST.”

CircFabrique’s goal is not a demonstration of ready-made forms of a "new circus" or show, attracted from the outside, but the production of a new type of performance in Ukraine.

You are welcome to join if you are:

  • a director looking for opportunities to realize your original ideas;
  • a circus artist desiring to find a new image and to develop acting skills;
  • an actor ready to experiment with the possibilities of body and mind;
  • a dancer, a singer or a musician interested in discovering their creative potential;
  • an extreme performer in the search of new spaces;
  • a photographers or a designer in search of inspiration;
  • simply a creative, energetic ,and positive personality, ready to engage into creative process.