September 13-22 2013


Educational program of GOGOLFEST will present modern and classical manifestations of culture in a complex interaction of aspects of art, technology and economics.

The aim of the educational program is to bring up the issue of cultural, artistic and technological impact on modern society.

Formation of such idea is necessary to answer the question of how culture can help to solve current and future problems.

The main objectives of the educational program during the festival:

  • establishing a platform for constructive dialogue between the participants of the cultural process;
  • actualization of self-education movement;
  • drawing public’s attention to the processes that determine the development of a responsible society in Ukraine.

We are looking to cooperate with NGOs working in the fields of education, art, and technology.

Send us your thoughts, suggestions, comments and applications in any format to the Coordinators of Educational Program Anton Kozak  & Oleg Lebedev at

Артем Ушаков