September 13-22 2013



International interdisciplinary festival “GOGOLFEST 2013” carries out a literary and artistic project "Genesis", which is based on the concept of emergence – the emergence of new phenomena and trends that are in a state of formation. The key concepts of GOGOLFEST 2013 are the concept of collective formation of a new artistic wave, the idea of collaborative work on the rise of a literary phenomenon, the idea of co-creation, leading to the development and transformation of the industrial space.

As a part of the literary and artistic project "Genesis", a series of workshops and discussions on the new trends of modern Ukrainian literature and humanities will be conducted. Also, a range of events will be organized in partnership with the leading literary festivals and cultural institutions of Ukraine. A separate important part of the project is a literary and artistic performance created in close creative collaboration with the actors of DAKH Theater. The leading idea of the project is to create an interdisciplinary dialogue that will demonstrate the interaction between literature and other forms of art.

Project curator
Oleksandr Mykhed